Kinesitherapie Brussels is a dedicated physiotherapy practice in Brussels, near the Ijzer metro stop. We invite you to take advantage of our variety of treatments. Visit us for:

  • General physiotherapy

  • Sports therapy

  • Manual therapy

  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation

  • Back exercises

  • Temporomandibular therapy

  • Vestibular therapy

  • Home visits

What is physiotherapy and why count on Kinesitherapie Brussels?

The concept of physiotherapy has its etymological origin in Ancient Greek. It is a combination of kinesis and therapeia. A combination of "movement" and "care", which describes Kinesitherapie Brussels very well. Here, physiotherapist Daan Ghijselings, Master in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy for Musculoskeletal Disorders, offers a personal approach. After an intake interview and examination, he will find out exactly where the problem is and then determine the best way to help your recovery. This physiotherapist in Brussels approaches recovery from a scientific background and always takes your personal limitations into account.

Why do you also need physiotherapy? With treatment, we focus on the cause of your complaints and tackle them in a targeted way. After all, the intention is that you will not relapse into those old injuries after completing treatment. That is why we pay a lot of attention to injury prevention, especially through home exercises.

What is physiotherapy and why count on Kinesitherapie Brussels?

How long treatment takes varies from situation to situation and from person to person. That's why our physiotherapist in Brussels always draws up a personal treatment plan. You can contact this physiotherapist in Brussels as an active athlete, top athlete or amateur athlete, but also if you have protracted or unpleasant pain symptoms.